What is a Drag King?

Like the world famous Drag Queen, Drag Kings are celebrations, parodies, embellishments, and embodiments. The Drag King performs men and boys!

Photo by Kristen Harrison For some Drag Kings, Drag means slicking their hair back and putting on a tie. For some it means, packing their boxers with phallic objects and for some it means donning a moustache and a swagger. That's not to say that anyone who does these things is in Drag. For instance, just because you see a woman in a tie it doesn't mean that she's in drag, she may just like ties.

Also, Drag Kings don't have to be lesbians, they don't even have to be women! For The Castle, being a Drag King means performing. If you are male identified and decide to enter the competition then a performance of 'man/boy' is what you'll need.